Monday, August 10, 2009

Amazon Continuity Photo

This is a polaroid photo of Renee (not Renee O'Connor). She was one of the actresses that played an Amazon in the Xena episode "Endgame" as you can see in the top right hand corner of the photo. It also shows her name and the type of wound they needed to recreate for the next days shooting. This is the other photo that is Very Special to me as it is linked to my Amazon Mask. I was able to acquire an Amazon Mask from a seller in New Zealand and there is two names in it. One being Renee. A very good friend of mine had a Continuity photo with Renee playing an Amazon and we were able to match it back up with my mask. This is a very rare thing in the prop collecting world and I am just so happy that my friend sold me the photo so that this Awesome piece of Xena photo history could be reunited with the mask. Thank you sooo much!!!

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