Sunday, July 12, 2009

Xena Continuity Photos

Now these are what you call "Treasures". I was able to purchase a bunch of these from a very good friend. These polaroids are a must have for any true Xena Collector looking to own authentic production material.

If you don't know what these are I will explain. A Continunity photo is most of the time a polaroid photo but sometimes can be a regular photo as you will see one that is in my collection. These photos were taken onset after filming ended for the day by the crew. Either by the Prop, Wardrobe, Special Effects or Make-Up Crew so that they knew how to redo whatever they needed to to continue filming so that everything matched back up. The photos taken were usually used for wounds, hair, make-up or the way someone was dressed in the shots. In my photos there are written notes to indicate episode or other things such as materials used for wounds or accessory placing.

Sometimes a crew member would keep these photos as momentums but most were thrown away making the ones that survived VERY RARE!!! Each photo would basically be considered a "One Off" because they are unable to be reproduced. I have 8 right now in my collection and I am always looking for more especially one that would show Lucy's full face. So if you have one available for sale I would be very interested in buying it.